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Hope in Humanity –

Our world is renewed each dawn with possibilities.


For me this is true each time I pick up my camera. I express the foundation of my photography as “hope in humanity.” My desire is to tell our visual story, about who we are, how we share, and how we care. From the celebrations and the challenges of our lives, we have a human connection that knows no borders and speaks all languages.

Humanity connects us all regardless of our extended differences be they created, contrived or desired. In our humanity there is our hope, the desire to be here for the next moment, the next sunrise, the next time when we connect with anyone and everyone.
This photograph is my touchstone. In this moment, we can see the caring, the sharing, that hope in humanity, the knowledge that we can make a difference. This image is from my ongoing documentary of the Latika Roy Foundation, an organization in India that works with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities.

This image defines what is possible if we see with our heart while looking through the lens.


Ken Carl

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