I am a Chicago-based photographer, available for local, national, and international assignment. With documentary-style storytelling at the heart of my photography, I create fresh and effective content for corporate, editorial, and educational programs. As a creative collaborator, and solution provider I am ready to add my vision, talent, and positive energy to your stories.


“You have a unique knack for capturing not just the feeling of a moment but the life of it, for getting inside the people you’re photographing.” 

Mary Schmich Chicago Tribune, 2012 Pulitzer Prize

“Ken – Your photos are an expression of life, it is powerful and appropriate that you share them.”

Kevin Iega Jeff, Artistic Director Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, Julliard 100 Outstanding Alumni  https://deeplyrooteddancetheater.org

“Ken Carl is a soulful and sincere creative. He’s a master photographer but more so, is in pursuit of mastering what it means to become more human. That’s why his hope for humanity project – his life’s work – is so remarkable. Perennial hope is what marks his perspective and thus, necessarily, his art. And we all are the benefactors.”

Dane Sanders, Author, Business Coach and Speaker  http://www.danesanders.com

“Ken Carl casts his sensitive eye on everything he sees with empathy and compassion. The care he puts into his images compels his viewers to care about his subjects and their stories.” – John Paul Caponigro, Visual Creative Artist


“Ken Carl is more than a photographer. He is a witness. He brings his open, non-judging presence to the scenes unfolding before him and takes their measure, revealing complexities and depths even the main players were unaware of. When he first visited our school in India for children with disabilities, we had no idea that in his time with us he would create images so powerful they would inspire people to donate, to volunteer and to change the way they think. We’ve seen it happen in front of our eyes. His pictures evoke joy, create hope and inspire generosity. Ken Carl is magic.” – Jo​ McGowan Chopra, Latika Roy Foundation




  • United Airlines
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Verizon
  • Latika Roy Foundation
  • KIPP Charter Schools
  • Macau Tourist Board
  • SAP
  • Cancer Today
  • WTTW Chicago Public Media
  • SmithGroupJJR
  • Kenya Tourist Board
  • Nikon US.
  • Chicago Magazine.
  • Northwestern Memorial
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • USG
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